12 Trade Destinations For Deshaun Watson That Make Sense

The Carolina Panthers:

There is no better fit in the NFL for Deshaun Watson than the coaching duo of Matt Rhule and Joe Brady.

With a playbook comprised of jet-motions and endless sweeps, the Panthers coaching duo can utilize the athleticism of Watson to it’s fullest potential.

The loss of wide receiver Curtis Samuel(signed a 3 year, $34 million deal with the Washington Football Team in the offseason)puts a slight dent in the motion-sweep playcalling, however Watson’s natural ability can more than suffice as he would add a speed element the Rhule and Co. would salivate over.

The Texans star would also bring an immense long-term option at QB for the Panthers as current signal-caller Teddy Bridgewater is only signed for a total of three years with the franchise with a dead cap hit of only $5 million if moved or released in 2022.

The move is slightly less likely now that the Panthers have traded three draft picks for former New York Jets quarterback Sam Darnold. In terms of pure fit however, this would be a great situations for Watson and the Panthers if they were able to get him.

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