12 Trade Destinations For Deshaun Watson That Make Sense

The New Orleans Saints:

Longtime Saints quarterback Drew Brees has decided to hang up his cleats after a long, storied Hall of Fame career. With numerous NFL records broken, his departure leaves a huge void in the QB depth chart.

The only quarterbacks on the roster are former Tampa Bay Buccaneers signal-caller and 2019 NFL Passing Yards leader Jameis Winston and the “Swiss Army Knife” Taysom Hill. Journeyman quarterback and 2015 Super Bowl Champion Trevor Siemian will also don the black and gold for the season.

The favorite appears to be Winston in terms of starting as he is most capable option of a prototypical passer. While his turnovers are an issue(he led the league in passing yards but also led with 30 interceptions in 2019), he has over 19,000 passing yards in his career and is only 27 years old. Hill has been used as a gadget-style quarterback who has been much more dangerous as a runner than a passer with eight rushing TDs in 2020.

Although there is a need for a talent like Deshaun Watson to be a Saint, their salary cap situation has been one of the toughest situations to navigate as they were once approximately $99 million over the cap, leaving almost zero room for a Watson move to New Orleans.

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