Best NFL DFS Value and Chalk for Picks Week 5

The 2021 NFL season has been an extremely interesting one full of surprises. The same thing can be said in the world of daily fantasy which those interesting surprises can pay off big.

Week 5 has another good slate of value and high-priced favorites to choose from to help bolster your daily fantasy lineup. The selections will be from two categories: Chalk picks, which are picks that are generally the highest salaried at their position at $7,000 or higher and Value which can be a player with a salary around $3,000-$5,500, that is a potential breakout candidate to make the best use of the salary cap.

The picks will be based on salary listed on DraftKings but their FanDuel price will also be listed as needed. Check with the scoring details in the contests that you enter, however most of them employ standard PPR(points per reception) scoring format.

QB Best Chalk Pick: Kyler Murray, Arizona Cardinals

The leader of the undefeated 4-0 Arizona Cardinals and MVP favorite Kyler Murray has become quite the intriguing weekly fantasy play lately. Averaging over 29 fantasy points per game, Murray has become a strong two-way scoring threat on the ground and the air. The Cardinals signal-caller has nine passing touchdowns to go along with three rushing touchdowns which is tied for second among all QBs.

Kyler Murray also has a good ownership percentage at around 4%. The Cardinals take on the San Francisco 49ers who have not been as sharp defensively as they only rank 28th at the opponent QB position. This could be the time to pay up for a quarterback, however the talented Cardinals’ star comes at a pretty penny at $8,000 on DraftKings ($8,500 on FanDuel).


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