12 Trade Destinations For Deshaun Watson That Make Sense

The Chicago Bears:

Chicago has become a QB purgatory of sorts throughout their entire existence and it looks like that trend is continuing.

The Bears have had early success with 2017 No. 2 overall pick Mitchell Trubisky. A high unlikely franchise quarterback option, Trubisky would nab his first Pro Bowl selection in 2018 where he had a solid line of 24 TDs and 12 INTs. Trubisky would take a step backward in 2019 amassing a paltry 41.4 QBR and was then benched for new quarterback Nick Foles, fresh from a trade with the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Bears would also sign QB Andy Dalton from free agency on a one-year deal leading to a cluttered mess of a quarterback room.

Deshaun Watson and Trubisky would come out of the same draft class, however Watson would go on to be selected No. 12 overall by the Houston Texans. The Bears moved up multiple spots in front to select Trubisky. All would be rectified if the Bears make a move to trade for Watson and fix their draft day mistake.

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