12 Trade Destinations For Deshaun Watson That Make Sense

The New England Patriots:

It has been a rough transition process from Tom Brady to say the least for New England Patriots head coach Bill Belicheck.

The Patriots have no true option at quarterback with Cam Newton showing inconsistent play and third-year quarterback Jarett Stidham not proving to be much better at the position. The Patriots passing game game averaged a 31 QBR rating which doesn’t even crack the top 33 at the position.

Deshaun Watson is a quarterback who ranked No. 12 in the league with a 70.5 QBR which is higher than both Newton and Stidham combined.

The upside is there for the Patriots to secure their long-term answer at quarterback as Deshaun Watson is only 25 years old and is essentially an elite talent at quarterback. If they decide to pull the trigger, they could have a star for years to come.

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