Is Dak Prescott REALLY Worth $40 Million Dollars?

It definitely pays to be a quarterback. According to reports, Dak Prescott has turned down a $30 million dollar a year offer with the Dallas Cowboys. This also comes on the heels of rumors that he was actually seeking as much as $40 million dollars a year which would easily make him the highest paid player the NFL if that were to happen. While Prescott looked amazing as a rookie, the football world is wondering if he is a quarterback that is worth a contract that lucrative. Here we will have a little fun at The Dollars and Sense Sports Blog and break down what a $40 million dollar a year contract would look like compared to the rest of the players in the league and what is actual contract value should be.

NOTE: These are simply projections for entertainment purposes.

All contract numbers courtesy of Spotrac unless otherwise noted.


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