5 Available Players Who Can Help Your Fantasy Team Right Now


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Are you a big fantasy football buff? We are here at The Dollars And Sense Sports Blog as our team is sitting at 3-0 currently on the season. The waiver wire is a big part of why we have been pretty successful this year and you just never know what kind of gems you can find out there on it. While majority of the big named players are long gone through the draft, some fringe quality players can still be found on the waiver wire in most major leagues. These are five pretty decent players that might have slipped through the cracks of other owners and can still be found through the waiver wire to help out your team in a pinch. Since our league is through ESPN, we will be using their ownership numbers(besides, ownership ratings of players tend to be the same give or take a few percentage points across all the platforms). To qualify for this list, a player’s ownership rating must be around 50% or below. This list is also based on PPR as well.






1. Seahawks D/ST

Ownership Rate: 50.2%

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While not The Legion of Boom of past years, this defense still presents a formidable challenge to offenses. Their strength comes from their ability to cause turnovers as they have 8 total turnovers(7 interceptions) which is tied for 1st in the NFL. Unfortunately this unit does tend to give up yardage at a middling rate which was unheard of in the past years of this defense. While not a defense that you can lean on in multiple weeks, this unit serves as a great bye-week filler for your main defense and a quality streamer against a really good matchup. Who would have ever thought that you would ever see a the Seahawks with a sub-50 percent ownership rate.





2. Chris Godwin(WR-Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Ownership Rate: 46.9%

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If you are in need of WR help, look no further than Chris Godwin of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The marvelous play of QB Ryan Fitzpatrick has made everyone around him better and Godwin is the recipient of that marvelous play. He has a touchdown in all three games this year and is a sure bet for double digit points almost every week. While his catch rate might be limited due to his role as a field stretching type of wide receiver, but Godwin makes the plays that needs to be made on a weekly basis and he has proved quite adept at scoring TDs. If you need a quick infusion of a touchdown and double digit points, look no further than Chris Godwin who is still relatively unowned in less than half of leagues.





3. Geronimo Allison(WR-Green Bay Packers)

Ownership Rate: 40.2%

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Sticking to the theme of big play wide receivers, Geronimo Allison also makes this list due to his generous ownership rate and big play potential. Allison has firmly planted himself as the third wide receiver which may not sound like a big deal on the surface, but when you’re catching passes from Aaron Rodgers, the third wide receiver can be just as beneficial the lead wideout. If you wonder who leads the team in receiving, the answer may surprise you. While Davante Adams would be a good guess, the answer is actually Geronimo Allison (204, and 209 yards respectively). Being one of Aaron Rodgers favorite targets definitely has its rewards, and with the struggles of Randall Cobb, Geronimo may be primed for a huge season. It’s time he gains a spot on your roster.






4. Baker Mayfield(QB-Cleveland Browns)

Ownership Rate: 45.3%


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It looks like BakerMania is runnin’ wild in the NFL and it might be time to get in the ring. Mayfield electrified audiences with a 201 yard performance in relief of Tyrod Taylor which led the Browns to their first win in 600+ days. Baker Mayfield is the best buy-low candidate on the waiver wire as this will be his first start in the NFL and he will get to show the world that his win was not a fluke. Finding a suitable QB for the year on the waiver wire is hard to do, and with a quickly rising ownership rate of 45.3 percent, Baker might be that QB. So far he has shown the swagger and skills of a No. 1 pick and if you truly need a QB for an extended period of time, Baker Mayfield is the way to go while you still can grab him from the waiver wire.




5. T.J. Yeldon(RB-Jacksonville Jaguars)

Ownership Rate: 47.2%

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T.J Yeldon has proved to be quite effective with Leonard Fournette nursing his hamstring. A great option if you’re playing PPR due to his great hands out of the backfield, Yeldon is a great candidate if you need short-term running back help especially with the uncertainty of Fournette’s hamstring. Yeldon has had 15+ points in two out of three games and serves as a nice safety valve for Blake Bortles when he needs to get rid of the ball quickly. Be sure to grab him this week if Fournette is inactive, but even when he is ready to go, Yeldon is the running back on passing downs so his value remains unchanged.






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