Easy Money: Picks of the Night

All right folks bust open the piggy banks out of your kids room, it’s time for some more Easy Money: Picks of the Night. Uncle Robbie is going to make sure you kids get rich this week. Just slide me a couple bucks when you get some of these easy wins wrapped up in a golden bow. As usual, the point spread rule will be applied and we will be going with three games.

Golden State Warriors vs. Washington Wizards (GS -9.0)(D.A.S. Blog Pick: Golden State Warriors)

On a team filled with shooters on shooters and one that consists of Kevin Durant, Steph Curry and Klay Thompson who all three average over 20 points per game, you just gotta take them. Not even close. Even without the friendly confines of Oracle Arena, the Warriors are more than welcome on the road as much as home. Double digit wins in the last four of five games. I’m rolling with the Warriors on this one.

Toronto Raptors vs. Orlando Magic (TOR -9.5) (D.A.S. Blog Pick: Toronto Raptors)

The Orlando Magic are one of the most helpless teams in the NBA. While there is a minuscule amount of offensive talent, it’s buried among injuries more injuries and terrible shot selection. Not to mention the defense is near bottom of the league. Toronto meanwhile is on a ridiculous tear averaging 25 points per game in their last five games against teams with a below .500 record. Guess what Orlando has? You know, one of those below .500 records. Do yourself a favor, take the Raptors, win big, and buy yourself something nice kid.

Boston Celtics vs. Charlotte Hornets (BOS -7.0)(D.A.S. Blog Pick: Boston Celtics)

Oh woe will be the Hornets….The Shamrock Squad is a force at home sporting a 22-11 record. They also are one of the best defensive teams in the league and are 2nd in home score defense, so they are extremely tough to deal with at home. To the Hornets credit, they have won four out of their last five games so this game actually makes me slightly nervous. Boston should cover this one at home, but if this was on the road, I might be hard pressed to go the other way on this one.

As usual Happy Winning everybody!


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