Easy Money: The Picks of the Night

Break out the wallets and don’t spend the kids college fund. It’s time for my picks for some Tuesday night NBA action. We use the most sophisticated, complex algorithms and calculations(not really) to come up our results of who will win and cover the point spread of each game. I’m doing three today so get ready to call your guy who knows a guy and smile to the bank.

Portland Trail Blazers vs. Sacramento Kings (POR -11.5) (D.A.S Blog Pick: Sacramento)

Portland can get very streaky at times but when they are on, they are on. The Trail Blazers will either win by a good deficit or lose by a good deficit. The Kings are in full on tank mode but have averaged four single digit losses in the last five games so in this one I have the Kings covering the point spread but losing by about 9 points. Put your money on the Kings to cover this one.

Denver Nuggets vs. Los Angeles Clippers (DEN -4) (D.A.S. Blog Pick: Denver Nuggets)

Denver is a beast at home sporting a 24-8 record. Unfortunately the Nuggets don’t sport many blowout victories in their last few games as their largest win has been by 10 points. The Clippers can flat out score at times but are too woefully inconsistent on the road tossing out a 15-15 record. This game could come down to a close battle but I got the Nuggets squeaking out a close one to beat the spread.

Milwaukee Bucks vs. Washington Wizards (MIL -3) (D.A.S Blog Pick: Washington Wizards)

The Bucks have underwhelmed all year. Even with the great shooting of Khris Middleton and the meteoric rise of Giannis Antetokoumpo the Bucks still only sport a 33-26 overall record. Speaking of underwhelming teams, the Wizards (even with a healthy John Wall) the Wizards have underwhelmed for years. This year without John Wall, the ship has stayed pretty steady with a 17-14 road record. Put your dollars on the Wizards for this game as it will be close but winnable for the Wizards.


You guys have any good picks that’s worth talking about? Drop them in the comment section below and Happy Winning to you all.


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