Easy Money: The Picks of the Night

Break out the wallets and don’t spend the kids college fund. It’s time for my picks for some Tuesday night NBA action. We use the most sophisticated, complex algorithms and calculations(not really) to come up our results of who will win and cover the point spread of each game. I’m doing three today so get ready to call your guy who knows a guy and … Continue reading Easy Money: The Picks of the Night

Term of the Day

Franchise Tag: (All numerical figures courtesy of Spotrac.com) The Term of the Day deals with what’s called the franchise tag. The franchise tag is basically a one year contract for players that is set at a fixed price. That number is constructed from the top five highest-paid players at their respective positions. For example, the average of the top five paid quarterbacks in 2017 was $21,268,000. … Continue reading Term of the Day

Introduction To The Sports Betting Section

  (Disclaimer: This only applies to states where sports betting is allowed) Who doesn’t like money right? This is an overview of what you can expect from the Sports Betting section. I will pick a few games from a variety of sports based on the point spread system on many different metrics. My suggestions will be based on the teams that are most likely to … Continue reading Introduction To The Sports Betting Section